My Address Means Nothing

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My Address Means Nothing

Recently my good friend and I happened to read the same article in the newspaper which referred to the fact that on Valentine's Day there is a surge in orders for inflatable dolls. The reason apparently is that on a day meant for those in love there were infinitely more people out of love and alone. Presumably this would have occurred on most other nights, the difference being this night really mattered.

My good friend went on to suggest that modern cities really dont promote meaningful social interaction. Yes there is a restaurant culture, a cafe culture, a sports culture a bar culture and a night life culture - but there were still too many lonely uncared people for whom to account.

He suggested that the design of the modern day city was focused on its inhabitants as independent individuals or on society as a horde. This really hits home when you live in Dubai!

The shear size of a city provides an ideal cloak for actions to remain anonymous. I don't envisage you could order an inflatable in the village and not have everyone know about it. My friend argued that in the village, you could not live an isolated life.

Do people really value their privacy at the expense of interdependence? When does a city lose its home-town charm? How could a person find community and belonging in such a large metropolis? Does the architecture and planning of a city have any bearing?

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