To be honest we didn’t really know what Permaculture was when we enrolled our Design Director, Khalid into what turned out to be a much sought-after course attended by people from all over the world. We actually thought, “we have a project in Indonesia where they farm fish on site; perhaps this course will help us integrate that activity into our design brief.”

There’s now a certificate proudly framed above Khalid’s desk on the wall which means a great deal to us. It says we are serious about an architectural approach to how we should live. Permaculture is about living harmoniously with your environment and as such working together with it in a sustainable way allowing it to flourish.

Habib Ali talks about going through this life and touching the earth lightly, i.e. not leaving a negative footprint (carbon or otherwise). More and more I think we realise that our lives and the demands we place on the agricultural and natural environment are increasingly unsustainable.

Desypher is firmly about ensuring that architectural solutions tow a Permaculture line; even if it means collecting condensation off a city building glass wall to irrigate a food forest established on the median strip!

Here's some things to think about:

  • Typically most stormwater goes directly into the sea instead of being absorbed into the ground – is this a cause of overheating?
  • How much do we spend in manicuring city landscapes that don’t produce any fruit? If you ever visit Fawkner, Melbourne, you’ll find the street tree replaced by an olive tree
  • Pigeon poo used in the garden – and no its not a peace offering
  • If you had scarcely any rainfall, wouldn’t you be completely focused on not letting the precious water you had evaporate?
  • How much of a footprint do we individually leave on a weekly basis? Multiply that by 6 billion!

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