Roots, Crooked Rib Art (2010)

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The Roots exhibition was opened on Friday 21 May. Crooked Rib Art is no stranger in the art scene of Melbourne.  It is an arts collective started by young Muslim female artists who not only aim to challenge perceptions of themselves but also work to question perceptions of current social issues through the public art domain.

Art, in its diverse mediums, is a platform that creates opportunities for Crooked Rib Art to work with/for the wider community and consequently elicits social change through education.

“As a group, the energy, dynamism and synergy within this bounded mutual collaboration had presented ROOTS an open forum for the community. The pieces are constantly asking questions – a call for engagement with society, to be out there doing things. I do not think it targets specific community, but even if it does, it probably is appropriate.” (DG)