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Complete (2009)

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Design, Documentation, Construction Management


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“Congratulations on this public celebration of a truly beautiful space. The University recognises the powerful contribution the Musalla makes to our community as a place and a concept within our community.” Garry Thomson (Director, Wellbeing Services)

The University of Melbourne had allocated a larger and more convenient location for the prayer hall, following the success of the existing one that we designed and completed in 1999. For this new project, our architectural approach brings in new materials and construction approaches, experimenting with ideas to test the limitation of their performance.

There is a vast improvement in the detailing of wet areas for wudhu (ablution) in particular, as well as the introduction of steel mesh and ceiling domes that integrates with the extraction system. The emphasis on architecture with smart building approach is in tandem with the University’s quest for energy and resource efficiency campus wide.

The facility represents a reflective projection of contemporary Islamic architectural design into the modern era whilst adhering to the very design principles that were refined over the centuries.

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