Desypher Assist

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Desypher regards its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) outlook as an integral part of its operation.

A core component of our company philosophy is commitment to community and therefore to assist where possible in teh form of "Desypher Assist"

Often this involves:

  • pro bono or heavily discounted architectural and planning services to not-for-profit organisations for projects that address demonstrable humanitarian need  
  • delivering a series of seminars and workshops directed at community groups to assist in understanding planning and design and its potential for positive contribution
  • tapping into existing initiatives such as Emergency Architects Australia to assist those in need
  • encouraging our staff to sign up for volunteer work

Currently we are working on two commuinty benefit projects:

  • "On The Wall" (nothing to do with Pink Floyd)
  • and "Permit Me"

Inquiries regarding these two projects are very welcome

Previously we have provided our services to design a community school and orphanage in Indonesia and a permaculture institute in Mexico (both featured in our porjects section)

Obviously it helps to have a sponsor or patron!

Companies with corporate responsibility charters, humanitarian foundations and individual philanthropists are essential to our ability to continue servicing communities. Your patronage would be welcomed with open arms!