Greenvale Eco Primary School

Greenvale, Victoria

MEC Foundation

Proposal (2002)

Conceptual Design

Design, Masterplanning


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The concept of this private school integrates learning with the environment, focussing on alternative teaching method (no boards) and such ideas as vegetable patches, orchards and livestock on site. This alternative approach must be extended through to the design of curricula and adoption of the most appropriate teaching and learning methods. The two aspects of building design and teaching/learning approach must be inextricably intertwined. This can be achieved through direct consultation with the education provider.

For the building design, this can be achieved by instilling self confidence and traditional sense of identity, drawing upon cutting edge teaching/learning methods and their impact on school layout, establishing a direct link between use of valuable resources and their supply, encouraging moving away from a “one-size fits all” educational experience, promoting active participation in activities that reinforce meritorious personal characteristics and integrate these into the academic curriculum and responding intimately to the specific situational economic, geographic and social setting of a school and tailor a solution accordingly.

Our research and development for this project has provided the basis for other future projects developed with various local and overseas agencies.

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